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 I.SU.ZU Aviation Airline ( Airport )Catering Truck (Scissors Food Truck 5000x2000x2245mm  Refrigerated  Van )



Retrofitted from ISUZU second class chassis, WTJ5140JSP  catering truck is advanced in technology, safe and reliable for use with all performances better than similar products retrofitted from domestically produced chassis.

It is applicable to A300,A310,A318,A319,A320,A330,A340,B707,B727,B737,

B747,B757,B767,B777,DC8,1L-18,1L-62,MD11,MD80 type aircraft except A380.

  • Outside dimension L W H mm: 7080 2000 3300 
  • Outside dimension of compartment L W H mm: 5000 2000 2130 


  • Fixed platform L W mm: 1150 1720 
  • Left-right movable platform L W mm :700 1 000 
  • Left-right moving distance: 0~300mm 
  • Front-rear extensible platform L W mm: 500 8 84
  • Front-rear extension: 0~500 mm 

Ground clearance of rear floor of compartment: 

  • Lowest: 1250 40mm 

Ground clearance of front floor of platform 

  • Lowest: 2400mm Highest: 4500 mm 
  • Max. loading mass of compartment (uniform distribution)1500 kg 
  • Loading mass of platform (uniform distribution): 500 kg 
  • Complete vehicle kerb mass: 6100 kg 
  • Model of engine: 4KH1-TC 
  • Max. power of engine: 96 KW/3400 r/pm 


  • Rear turn type working platform 
  • Upper rain-proof shed of front platform 
  • Allison automatic transmission gear 
  • Optional chassis: Qingling, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng 
  •   WXQ5060JSP aircraft catering vehicle comprises automobile chassis,lifting mechanism,compartment, working platform, supporting, hydraulic system and EPT system. 
  • For the automobile chassis, it can select Qingling or Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng as required by users. Allison transmission gear is optional. Lifting mechanism comprises scissors lift, hydraulic cylinder and guide. 
  • The compartment is made of steel frame composite materials. It contains lights, compartment lifting, front and rear extension of the front platform and left and right moving of the platform, emergency flameout control switch of the engine in the compartment. Both front and rear of the compartment are fitted with roller-blind doors. 
  • Hydraulic system comprises power take off, oil tank, gear oil pump, emergency hand pump, emergency EPT pump, electromagnetic valve, hydraulic lock, oil cylin 
  • EPT control system adopts 12V/24V DC control system and comprises control switch, operation panel, relay, light fixture, lead wire, etc. Safety protection and emergency measures 
  • Lifting hydraulic cylinder is fitted with hydraulic lock. When the compartment lifts, there are 6 flashing indicator lights at the bottom of the compartment, indicating that the compartment is lifting. 
  • The indicator light used for indicating the stabilizer in position is installed in the cab. The lifting of the compartment and retracting and extending of the stabilizer are equipped with interlocking function. 
  • The upper and lower operation panels are designed with emergency flameout switches. It is supplied with emergency EPT pump and emergency hand pump.


  1. Product Standard


MH/T6016-2017 Aircraft Catering truck


JG5099-1988Safety Regulations for Aerial Work MachineryGB7258-2004Safety Technical Conditions of Motor VehicleAHM910Basic Requirements of Ground Support EquipmentAHM927Basic Safety Requirements of Ground Support Equipment


Project Performance Index



Manufacturer Qingling Isuzu (ZheJiang ) Engine Co., Ltd
Model 4KH1CN5HS

Transmission case


Manufacturer Qingling Motors Company Limited
Model MSB-5SM
Working height of platform (mm) 2400~4500
Rated load of car body (kg) 1500
Rated load of front platform (kg) 600
Rated load of movable part of front platform (kg) 300
Left and right adjustment range of front platform moving part (mm) 0~300
Expansion and adjustment range of movable part of front platform (mm) 0~500
Fixed part size of front platform (L × w) (mm) 1150×1720
Front platform movable part size (L × w) (mm) 700×1000
Curb weight (kg) 6600
Boundary dimension (L × w × h) (mm) 7170×2000×3300
Other properties
Chassis Manufacturer Qingling Isuzu (ZheJiang ) Engine Co., Ltd
Model QL1070A5KAY
External dimension of car body (L × w × h) (mm) 5000×2000×2245
Engine emissions GB17691-2005 GB 3847-2005 EURO 5
Rated load of fixed part of front platform (kg) 300



  1. Refrigeration system
    1. Equipped with US carrier or thermo king cooling system, it can automatically open/stop and self-inspection.
    2. Refrigeration system form: independence, diesel drive, coupling drive, semi-closed compressor unit, pipe coil evaporator
  2. Monitoring system
    1. The monitoring system is made of mainframe and camera.
    2. Equipped with 500G hard disc.
    3. It also equip with GPS positioning system.
  3. EPT system
    1. Install ground operation cabinet on the left truck and set up control box in van body , in the driving cab have safety indicated lights.
    2. Adopt relay logic control circuit.
    3. Set up safety protection for circuit.
    4. Install the indicated light in the driving cab, it can show the change of outriggers.
    5. Set up the emergency quenching circuit and control circuit with emergency EPT pump.
    6. Both the relay and switches are imported from Europe and the United States, and the switch is waterproof.
    7. The emergency stop switch (and the indicator light) is installed in the upper right corner of van body ,the emergency stop switch has two levels
    8. The solenoid valve and overflow valve is equipped with emergency button, which can be used to realize the movement of hydraulic cylinder when the solenoid valve is broken.
    9. Attach power switch of emergency EPT pump.
  4. Hydraulic system
    1. The structure is simple and reasonable layout, it adopt Park seamless steel pipe and hose fitting. It has two set of hydraulic system, one is control van body and outriggers; another is control platform scale, it has main power system, EPT pump, hand pump, artificial overpower system, it can offer emergency operation.
    2. Main hydraulics is used of American and European brands, the hydraulic reversing valve is


one-piece with hand and electrics. There area filter between hydraulic pump and control valve, every outlet has two-way lockup valve.

  1. The whole lifting weight reach 4000kg, in rated load, lifting speed is 80mm/s-150mm/s, the EPT pump for German can lift 4000kg.
  2. Adopt Park hydraulic pipeline and famous hydraulic cylinders
  3. Adopt hydraulic gear pump, its drive by power takeoff.
  4. Adopt I or II class lifting cylinder with chrome layer.
  5. The outriggers adopt “H” type.
  6. Control valve adopt hand and EPT magnetic valve.
  7. Equipped with two pieces of operation platform.
  8. The volume is hydraulic oil tank is 100L, oil-box install on hand valve.
  9. Hydraulic system is equipped with pressure gauge.
  10. Hydraulic system is equipped with emergency pump, hand pump.
  1. Emergency and traction
    1. EPT emergency system
      1. It can operate the lifting and lowing of platform and van body and outriggers.
    2. Manual emergency system

It can make the van body up and down and take back outriggers, completion time is more than 5 minutes.

  1. Traction equipment

The front and rear end vehicle are installed coupling device.

  1. Safety interlock and other safety devices
    1. Driving cab
      1. Equip with PTO switch and indicator light .
      2. It is equipped with indicator light, which can take back the outriggers

6.1.2 Equip with temperature display of refrigerating unit and temperature control panel 6.1.3Install the display screen of monitor system

6.1.4 As per requirement of clients, it can equip with the necessary switches

  1. Ground operation box
    1. The operation box is located in the left outrigger.
    2. Should equip with button of outriggers and van body, power switch, lighting switch, emergency EPT pump switch, stop button, indicator light.
  2. Control box for van body
    1. The operation box is located at the right side of van body.
    2. The van body should be settled up the button of extensive and movable platform, van body, emergency pump, stop button, engine switch, lighting switch and power indicator lights
  3. Safety interlock
    1. When PTO is workable, if the transmission put into gear, the vehicle can’t be moved.
    2. If the supporting legs can’t back to the original location, the vehicle can’t be moved.


  1. When the van body lifting, will sent sound and light alarm
  2. If the van body can’t back to the original location, the outriggers can’t be taken back.
  3. If extensive platform can’t back to the original location, the van body can’t be lowed down.
  4. When reversing, should equip with audible warning signal.
  5. Should equip with joint control button
  6. If the supporting legs can’t back to the original location, the van body can’t be lifted.
  7. The rubber-sleeve of front platform install proximity switch, sensing distance is 100mm
  8. The internal and external van body control interlock device of its lifting.
  9. Other safety devices
    1. Equip with two pieces of 55W spot lightings, and install on the both sides of van body(option) 6.5.2 The rear of the vehicle is fitted with a collision tube,the thickness is 10mm,the length is 850mm. 6.5.3 There is a mechanical safety brace at the rear end of the van body .
    2. As per the customer’s request, it can equip with crash barrier on air condition(option)
    3. As per the customer’s request, it can equip with crash barrier on hydraulic system(option)



  1. As per the customer’s request, it can equip with protective cover on hydraulic outriggers


The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed EPT parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.


I.  China  in   Jaipur India   brake drum gear coupling sales  Suzu  in   Osaka Japan   gear coupling 105  near me shop  Aviation Airline Catering Truck  with top quality lowest price