Common Description
Equiped by using a reversible motor, a bidirectional gear pump, double P.O. checke valves, relief valves and also a tank, this energy unit can drive a double acting cylinder to extend and retract without a directional solenoid valve. It’s usually used in recre-ational cars, pleasure boats and moveable stages, and so on.
Distinctive Notes
one. This power unit is of S3 duty cycle, i.e., non-continuous operation, 30 seconds on and 270 seconds off.
2. Clean all the hydraulic elements concerned in advance of set up of the energy unit.
3. Viscosity of the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which need to also be clean and free of impurities. N46 hydraulic oil is suggested.
4. The energy unit shown is made to be mounted horizontally.
five. Oil transforming is required soon after the first 100 operation hrs, afterwards as soon as every single 3000 hours.
six. Check the oil level within the tank following the first running on the power unit.